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The Sentin3l
Public Member
Public Member

Joined: 11 November 2006
Location: Australia
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Posted: 15 November 2006 at 1:40am | IP Logged  

Does anyone have any tactics that worked really well for them in DOW? Cause I have some troubles finding a good one. I saw Scotz Man's tactic on Infiltration Sucks, so I wondered if anyone has anymore.

My tactic: Tau

Air Cavalry

Build Barracks

2 scouts, 2 builders

Max out stealth suits and send to capture SP's

Build a 2 fire warrior teams, send to defend SP's

Build listening posts and 2 power generators

Build path to Enlightenment

Get a pathfinder team and Broadside team

Build VB and T2 listening posts

As soon as VB finished, build as many devilfish as you have 3 units, rounding up. Build no more, no less, and if you have a df with a couple of extra spots, put more guys into it.

Build 3 skyrays and Mont'ka CP.

Get Hammerheads.


Note: Requires a lot of req and cooperation with your teammate. Do not try this in singleplayer or with uncooperative teammates, you will get walked on. And research and upgrade anything you can.


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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Posted: 15 November 2006 at 8:46am | IP Logged  


Start building barracks (force heretic for 50% health)

Build 2 cultists squads (send them to cap nearest points and queue them to cap a second point each - usually 4 near ur base at start) and another heretic

Barracks finishes - build chaos lord

Second heretic should help finish the barracks then go and build a plasma generator

First heretic should build a listening post on the first cap

Second heretic should build listening post on second cap

Set heretics to max up in unit size (likely you will be attacked v soon)

Build listening posts on third and fourth cap

Build armoury

Build chaos warriors

Build second and maybe third plasma generator

Add champions to all three units

Research chaos lords abilities

Tech up to level 1

Build machine pit and sacred thingy

Get a tank asap and research infiltration plus other abilities


There is no IRL, there's just AFK.
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